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What is a Roundbrand composite door?

What is a Roundbrand composite door?

Roundbrand composite doors are manufactured using sheet-moulded, thermosetting resin, glass reinforced polymer (GRP). They are compression moulded to give a high-definition panel design, offering an authentic timber-grained appearance. They are scratch and dent resistant and their high-strength construction offers enhanced security. The insulating core is produced from 100% CFC-free,

polyurethane foam which fills the cavity between the two door skins. This provides superior thermal performance (six times that of timber) and also enhances the door’s soundproofing. The stiles and rails are constructed from a PVC composite material which offers complete waterproofing of the insulated core. The outer frame is constructed from steel-reinforced uPVC.

Composite door colours

Roundbrand composite doors are available in pre-pigmented Black, Blue, Green, Red or White through colour grain-effect. They are also available in a pre-stained, Gold Oak and Rose Wood grain-effect. The edges and internal surfaces of the doors are supplied in White as standard. Wood effects can vary in shade/style from those shown, please contact your local depot for information or visit our website to create your own door with our Roundbrand Composite door designer. http://