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The Spirit Of Goole

The Build a Plane project has engaged over 50 young people with direct involvement in the project over the last two and a half years to learn the skills needed to construct a light aircraft. The Sherwood Ranger XP is a British designed and manufactured kit aircraft, when she is complete the youngsters will use the aircraft to gain their private pilot’s licence. The aircraft has a folding wing design, allowing us to use a trailer to transport it to any location.

We have run trials of our STEM outreach program at local schools, both primary and high schools, occasionally reaching over 500 young people in a day as well as attended the Skills Show at the NEC with the attendance over the three days of 140,000 students. Our aviation camps will reach 40 students each weekend and we believe a figure of 750 people helped each year is a very conservative estimate. Our Youth Build a Plane project aims to inspire and encourage young people from Goole and East Yorkshire to gain real world skills in aviation and engineering.

The charity is supported purely from donations and sponsorship, and all our volunteers give their time freely. We have 10 adult volunteers who share their skills and experience with the youngsters and guide them in the building of the aircraft. Until recently the team would meet on a Tuesday evening, collecting the students from school at 15:00 and they work through to around 20:00.  When the Hangar is available we also meet on a Saturday and Sunday. We were recently left the hanger at Robin Hood airport due to them requiring the space. We are now located at Northmoor airfield, we are hoping to purchase the airfield eventually where we can offer amazing opportunities. We will have a camp site for the kids in the holidays and weekends, various workshops for different projects. There are a few hangers which privately owned aircraft already pay rent to store and make use of the airfield. Also the r/c club have regular meetings in their own area. The opportunity this airfield would be endless, a drone club, a clubhouse so parents and public could enjoy the sites with food and drink available. A glider club could locate here as well as an education centre to allow school visits. Our aspirations are high, our determination is strong we hope to gain enough support from sponsors and charity fundraising events to make this possible. Everyone can benefit from out vision.

The Students commitment to the project is outstanding, since September 2013 they have logged over 12,000 man hours to learn the required skills and construct the aircraft and they have received recognition from the Royal Aero Club for their outstanding work. We are now expanding our support with weekend Aviation Camps, a STEM outreach programme and recognised training courses from the Light Aircraft Association.There is no typical characteristic of an individual in the project, but the vast majority are from poor or struggling families,some social deprivation that exists in poor and dysfunctional homes. TSOG has no barriers, and we have youngsters with physical and learning disabilities, and most notably we have recruited a lot of people with very low self esteem, very little ambition and very little hope. TSOG was formed to counter this! On an individual basis, we have enjoyed great successes:

The father of one of our youngsters recently died of cancer, her school work was suffering and so we stepped in, offering help with homework and helping the family. Through our contacts we have secured on-going financial support for her education covering the costs all the way through to university.Another of our youngsters has been with TSOG for 3 years and wants to join the RAF, Through our contacts at RAF Cranwell we have secured some practice interviews and advice, and persuaded them to over look the grade D in science and assess her as an individual. She passed and now has a real chance at a secure future and great career.

Whilst our main aims are to provide engineering and flight training, which is amazing in itself, we help them realise there are people that care and will help them.We have many more individual success stories with job offers and apprenticeships but not enough room here to list them. With the donation of a 18 foot blackwater sloop sailing yacht called Dr Syn, we will soon be starting the renovation of this 1939 wooden boat with local Sea Cadets units and local children. they will learn all the traditional skills needed to restore Dr Syn and then we will use her to teach sailing. Restoration of 2 microlight motor gliders, Adding 2 more aircraft to our air academy will allow lots more young people to get involved and hopefully inspire them to achieve.

The construction of the STEM trailer and stem experiments.Our volunteers are well skilled in a variety of disciplines, from avionics engineers, aircraft engineers, mechanical engineers as well as pilots and RYA qualified sailors, many of them are successful business people with the skills to guide and help with job applications and CV writing.

For further information feel free to contact me directly  on 07863 297795 / harrand9@aol.com Lindsey


Aluminium bi-folding doors also now available

Aluminium bi-folding doors now available

Aluminium bi-folding doors are now available from Roundbrand. A choice of colours and bead finishes along with the option of 44mm triple glazed units giving the door a U-value of 1!

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Composite doors worksop

Composite Doors Worksop

Our Worksop branch was broken into last week. They couldn’t get through our Roundbrand composite door which is installed between the warehouse and office……………..so they went around it.

For more Information on Composite Doors visit our website and use our own door designer! 

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Upvc Window and Door Reviews Newark

Another happy customer, courtesy of our Newark branch.

windows Newark

Upvc review Roundbrand Newark

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Liniar Roundbrand

Roundbrand manufactures Liniar System

Roundbrand can now announce that they manufacture quality Upvc windows, doors and conservatories using the Liniar profile system.  The newest brand of PVCu frames on the market, Liniar was created by bringing together some of the window industry’s most experienced and forward thinking designers with over 500 years of industry experience between them.

With a focus on research, development and design, Liniar continues to push the boundaries when it comes to product innovation.  Liniar wanted to create a serious alternative to aluminium or timber bi-folding doors, one that could offer higher energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs. So the bi-fold range was designed from scratch, looking at every aspect from manufacture, through installation and continued use.

Roundbrand are currently in the process of replacing all of our showroom models with Liniar products this is quite a lengthy process but should be complete soon! We apologies if the showroom you visit is in transition or the product you want to view is not on display. If this is the case arrangements can be made to order in a display model for your visit.

Ce marking A rated windows

CE Marking | Roundbrand

As you may, or may not be aware CE marking came into effect from Monday 1st July. it is now mandatory for manufacturers of construction products, including windows and doors, to apply a CE marking to their products. This requirement is part of the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR), which replaces the Construction Products Directive (CPD).

All Roundbrand complete products* sold, will now have a CE mark which will be located in a discreet place on the product as a label. The label will contain information such as the unique company code for each product (e.g Casement C Rated Window = RB-001C), so the product can be identified. Also included on the label will be a URL to the declaration of performance located on the Roundbrand Website.

Every time an order is now made Roundbrand  will issue the CE report paperwork alongside the usual order paperwork. This is then given to the customer to keep for their future records.

*Unglazed items do not require a CE mark issuing form Roundbrand. The customer purchasing the unglazed item becomes a manufacturer if they choose to source glass/ panel from another supplier, and is therefore responsible for providing any CE marking.

If you require any further information on this please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Roundbrand at sales@roundbrand.co.uk , or visit your local Roundbrand Branch.